Breakdown a project into smaller, more digestible pieces for easy estimation, tracking, and delivery.

Dividing a project into Phases

Important: When you create a project on, you automatically land on an empty Default Phase. Make sure to rename it.

  1. Click on the “Default Phase” to rename it.

  2. Click the “+” button to add a new phase to your project.

Creating Groups and Tasks within a Phase

  1. Click Add new item to add a Task or a Group under a Phase.

  2. When the blank task item appears, click the checkbox on the left side and select “Task” or “Group.”

  3. Give a name to your Task or Group.

  4. If you have created a new Task within the given Phase, but you want to move the Task under a certain Group, click the folder icon next to the Task title, and a Group will appear above it.

  5. If you have created a Group and want to add a new Task under it, click the “+” (Add new item) button inside the Group.

Note: You can add another Group over a Group (Group of Groups) on and thus create a very detailed project breakdown structure.

6. Drag and drop the Tasks and Groups to reorder them.

7. Click “View details” to expand each Task or Group and see the details or delete the

Task or Group.

8. Drag and drop the Tasks or the Groups to change their hierarchical structure e.g.

Drag the Task above a Group to make it a Group.

Managing the Phases

  1. Hover over the Phase name to select from multiple icons.

  2. Drag and drop the Phases to reorder them.

  3. Click to expand all Groups in a Phase for a more detailed view of each Phase.

  4. Click the “Import a CSV” icon to import an existing project to your account and start working on it.

  5. Click the “Archive” icon if you are no longer working on the Phase but still want to keep it for later use.

  6. Click the “Delete” icon if you are sure you will not need the given Phase anymore.

You can also watch this Loom video to see the Project Breakdown on

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