A Dowork.ai account gives you access to many Dowork.ai products. With a Dowork.ai account, you can do things like:

  • Break down a project into phases and tasks

  • Invite team members to estimate a project with you

  • Import an existing project and start working on it

  • Estimate the costs and timelines for a project

  • Track an ongoing project

  • Share your project estimates with stakeholders

Creating a free Dowork.ai account

  1. Navigate to dowork.ai and click Sign up for free.

  2. Click Sign up with Google or fill out the form.

  3. Enter your first name.

  4. Enter your last name.

  5. Enter your email address.

  6. Enter a new password.

  7. Enter the password again to confirm it

  8. Click the checkbox to agree to Dowork.ai Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.

  9. Click Sign up.

Completing your account setup

  1. Add your company name.

  2. Add your phone number (for special offers, coupon codes, and surveys).

  3. Click to import an existing project or create a new one.

  4. If you have clicked to import an existing project, click to connect to Jira, import via a CSV file, or create a new project from scratch.

  5. If you have clicked Create a new project, enter a name for your project e.g., North Star and click Next.

  6. Click +Add member to invite team members to your Dowork.ai project.

  7. Enter your team member’s email address and select from the access toggles.

  8. Note: The access toggles allow you to grant specific permissions to each team member. If you select “Project owner,” the team member will be given access to all the items in the list.

  9. Click Send invitation.

  10. After sending an invitation, click Next.

  11. Click Go to dashboard.


Create a Work Breakdown Structure

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