The Timeline on, allows you to view the project in a Gantt chart.

Once you create Tasks and Groups and add Start Dates and Due Dates to each Task and Group, the Estimated End Date will be automatically generated for you. From there, you can view the Timeline of your project.

  1. Click the Timeline icon to view your project.

  2. Drag and Drop the Tasks on the Timeline to change their completion dates.

  3. Click Auto reorder, pick a Start date from the popup to reorder the tasks automatically. This functionality also fills the free time slots in your project e.g., if one Task was completed and there are several days that don’t have Tasks under them, moves the next available Task to feel the time gap and help keep the team busy.

  4. Click to zoom in or out the Timeline.

  5. Click to view the Start or End Dates of the Tasks or check out where the project is right now (the Now line).

  6. Select to view on hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly modes.

Note* If you go to the Settings page and under “Day working hours” input let’s say 8 hours daily, it will mean that your team is going to allocate only 8 hours per day on this particular project. Your Gantt Chart (Timeline) is going to show you the project timeline based on the hours inputted by you.

Note* The Timeline view is based on the Start and Due dates. If you don’t set a Due date, then your Timeline will be based on the “Estimated end date.”

Note* If you change the work breakdown structure in the “Estimate” page, all your changes will be automatically updated on the Timeline. No need to make any changes to the Timeline manually.

Also, watch this Loom video to see how it works!

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