With Dowork.ai, you can estimate, track and share any project. Sharing with stakeholders is an important part of any project. You can share as much information as you want by simply moving a few toggle buttons. Let’s see how you can share a project.

  • Hit the “Share Project” icon on the upper right.

    There are two ways you can share a project:

  1. Sharing via email

  2. Sharing via a public URL

  • If you decide to share via email, simply choose which elements of the project you want to share, type the recipient’s email address and hit Send share link.

Note* The recipient will receive an email with the project information and will be able to view the shared project only after signing in to Dowork.ai. The recipient will only be able to view the project and won’t be able to make any changes.

  • If you decide to share via a public URL, tap on “Public URL,” select which elements of the project you want to share, enter a title for the page you want to share and hit Create link.

Note* Anyone with the public URL will be able to view the project. However, they won’t be able to make any changes to your project.

  • Be attentive when selecting what to share. You will see six general sections of the project: Summary, Timeline, Resources, Breakdown, Staffing, Board. Each of these sections has their detailed breakdowns. Check all the details and turn on the toggles if you want to share the details. Leave the toggles off for those section details that you don’t want the stakeholder to view.

  • Once you click Create link, you will get an auto-generated URL that you can copy and paste to Slack, email message or send to the stakeholder by any online communication channel you want.

  • You can create as many public URLs of your project as you want. This allows you to select what information exactly you want to share with a stakeholder. With some stakeholders you might want to share more than with others.

  • Once you click Done after generating a public URL, you will see a popup titled “Active shared links.”

  • You can edit or delete any shared links/URLs.

  • Once you edit a shared URL, the stakeholder who you shared the URL with will see the updated URL.

  • If you want to create a new public URL, click Create new share link.

  • If you delete a public URL, the recipient of the shared URL/link won’t be able to view it anymore.

Note* you can edit or delete project views both sent via email and via a public URL.


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