After planning and estimating a project, you’ll need to track its progress. allows you to do that through various tools that will come handy. Follow these steps to track a project:

  • Each Task/Group has a status. Click to change the status from the work breakdown (the list of Tasks and Groups) or from the details of the Task.

  • The statuses for each Task/Group are configurable - you can edit the naming of the status, add a new one, and pick a color for it.

  • The default statuses on are To do, In progress, Done, On hold.

  • Click “Status” drop down, click “Edit statuses.” Here, you can prioritize, hide or delete the statuses.

  • To add a new status, click Add a new status, then enter a name for the new status, pick a color and map it to the four defoult statuses.

  • Click the Board icon on your left-hand side to see the statuses once you update the list of statuses, otherwise, you will only see the default statuses.

  • Drag and drop the Tasks and Groups to put them under the respective statuses.

  • Click the expand icon to view all the details related to a Task.

  • Click to assign Tasks/Groups to different team members. The assignee is going to get an email notification about the Task. They can accept or decline it. The person who assigned the Task will see if the assignee accepted or declined the task.

  • If you try to add a Due date that has an estimation conflict, you will get an alert (in red).

  • If the Due date has passed and the assignee has failed to complete the task (mark it as Done), the task will be displaced as overdue.

  • If you have completed a phase in a project, click to archive it so that it doesn’t appear in the Summary.


You can view the Summary of your project by clicking the round “i” icon on nearly any page on your dashboard.

In the summary, you can see the project completeness and the deadline

  1. Based on the difference is calculated the status:

    1. In case the difference is lower than 10% the status is green, so there is nothing to worry about

    2. In case the difference is more than 10% and less than 40% -> the status is yellow -> the user shout take actions to keep the project on track

    3. In case the difference is more than 40% the status is red -> you got a critical state

    4. The same logic works on the completeness and deadline

On the last card of the Summary, you can see two types of project statuses:

  • Estimated - based on the estimates you have provided

  • Committed - based on the due dates you have selected


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