At, we know that every organization and team workflows are unique. When you open for the first time you see a clean white screen where your project journey will begin and you are free to map everything in whatever way works best for you and your team.

Sometimes a project planning phase can be a very time-consuming process and cause miscommunication within your team.

Today we’re excited to announce self-created and pre-made Templates in that will make your project estimation even smoother and faster!

Templates are for any project/category: marketing, software, design, health care, etc.

You can edit the templates to fit your team’s specific needs.

Cheers to Templates!:))

Now you wonder, what’s the difference between self-created and pre-made templates?

Here is a quick overview of how everything works:

1. You have a winning project that you would like to replicate in the future. You don't want to double the time spent on collecting all the elements. templates will do the work for you. You can easily convert your projects into Templates and reuse them whenever needed.

2. Remember sharing is caring. You can share your templates with your team members or share them with the community and help other Marketing, Software, or Project Management enthusiasts use them.

3. And lastly, you can always use the premade templates from the gallery and build your project the way it works best for you and your team.

Follow the link here for more!

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