On Dowork.ai you can now create and share custom templates from your projects or use the predefined ones from Dowork.ai gallery.

Dowork.ai allows you to use Templates in two ways:

  1. Use the predefined templates from Dowork.ai gallery.

  2. Create your own Templates and share them with your team or with the Community.

Here is how everything works!

Create your project using a predefined template:

  • Sign in to your Dowork.ai account

  • Click on the Add New Project on the right corner of your screen.

  • You will see 3 options appear on your screen: from scratch, use templates, import CSV.

  • Click Use Templates.

  • Choose one of the Predefined Templates.

  • Dowork.ai has created public predefined templates for everyone to be able to use them. All the templates are categorized and the count and categories will keep growing.

  • Let's say you choose the SMM.

  • Click the SMM and see the details and the creator’s info.

  • Click Preview to see the scope of the project.

  • Click on Use Template, give a new name to your project, change the budget and click Create.

  • You can see the entered budget in the committed column of the summary

  • It is possible to change it later on the project settings page.

Note: Once you use the template a new project will be created and you will get back to the “All projects” page, where you can see your added project.

  • Click on your project to start making all the necessary changes.

Create your project, save it as a template and reuse it

  • Create a project, do your work breakdown structure and add all the information you need to estimate your project. You can learn how to do a WBS here and Project Estimation here.

  • Go to your settings page to save the project as a template or press the three dots in the project list.

  • All the settings within the project scope and configuration will be saved as a template.

  • Click Save as a Template on the right corner of the screen.

  • Name your Template, categorize it and enter a description.

  • Share your template with your team members or keep it private by choosing Only me when sharing. In case you share with a specific team member only he/she will be able to view or use the template.

  • Sharing is caring. Dowork.ai allows you to share your templates with the community and help others to accomplish their projects in a timely manner.

  • Click Create after you finished everything

  • Note that when you create your project by using a template you need to choose My Templates or Workspace Templates to use the ones you or your team created.

  • Whenever the project is created you can go ahead with your project breakdown.

  • Manage your template settings on the Workspace Settings page.

  • When navigating to the Templates management press the 3 dots to download, edit or delete your project.

  • Click edit and change the category, name, sharing settings: team members or community.

  • Download the template in JSON format. You can use it later, transfer to a team member or use it in your other workspace.

  • Click Upload Template and upload the JSON file as a template and add template information: category, name, etc.

  • Search and filter functionalities will ease the work when managing your template.

  • You can create a new project right from the settings page as well.

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