Did you know that helping others to reach their goals can lead to a happier and stronger you?

On Dowork.ai you can share your custom-created templates with the community members.

Help the Dowork.ai community to grow with you, via turning on just one toggle

  • Click Save as a Template on the right corner of the screen.

  • Activate the toggle to share with the community.

  • Whenever you activate the toggle and click on the Create button, your template will be saved in the community section, under the category you selected when creating it.

  • It will be easily found by the community members once they start creating their project when using a template.

Removing the template from the community

  • Navigate to the Workspace settings.

  • Click on Templates Management

  • Click My templates.

  • Click the three dots on the right corner of your template, click Edit and turn off the toggle for community sharing.

  • Click on Delete, and choose if you want to leave the template to the community or delete it permanently.

  • The templates not deleted from the Community will remain anonymous (Created by the Community).

Sharing your knowledge with others and helping them grow is the key to success.
Share when there is a possibility and care when you can.

You can watch this short video bout the process made by the Dowork.ai team:))

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