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Are you an Excel whiz who loves nothing more than playing with data? Or does your team need reporting that will help you track progress and increase efficiency?

If yes, then this product update is going to make you and your team happy.

While you can track the project progress directly on, we know that some teams or individuals need more.

With the Export tool, you can easily download your project in CSV file format without any special effort.

When to export a project?

For Conformity and Data Recording

This is a great opportunity to export your project with all the completed tasks and maintain an external record of your work.

For Reporting
If you are a marketer or a salesperson, you might want to use the data exported from to come up with graphs, pivot tables, share them with your team, or add them to your presentations.

For the future use
For instance, if you delete or lose your project under certain circumstances you

can easily import your exported file to or any of your Workspaces and reuse it.


Once you export the file:

  • Your project will be turned into a spreadsheet that contains all the information you choose.

  • You can use the info included in the file in your other workspaces.

  • You can create reports based on your already collected data.

  • You can share your report with the stakeholders or with top management.

  • If you had a painful experience of losing your data, you can now be safe. Download and keep the file as long as you need.

  • Once you need to reuse the data you can easily Import the file to your Workspace.

To learn how to export and import your project on check out the Help Center Article Here.

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