Here is how everything works.

Export Project.

  • Sign in to your account

  • Open up the project you want to export

  • Click on the Export button on the right up corner of your screen.

  • Click export the project, choose the column configuration you prefer.

  • Whatever columns are excluded will not get exported. The data will be exported via CSV file.

  • Click export phase(s) and select all the phases or the ones you prefer.

  • Exclude your archived phases by activating the checkmark.

Import Project

You can import your project CSV file in two ways:

  • Open your All Projects section

  • Click on Add New Project on the right up corner of your screen

  • Click on Import from CSV

  • Browse your file.

  • Click Import to import your project.


  • Open up your project

  • Hover over the Phase and click Import CSV.

  • Click the Import CSV button.

  • Click Browse.

  • Select the project and click Import.

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