It's a great time for innovations, for new beginnings and revision of old things.

You might have thought we are too silent, you are right, but silence doesn’t always mean nothing is going on.

Our team was working on a couple of changes to make your experience with easy-breezy, fast and smooth.

With that said, let’s skip to the most exciting part.

You asked, we created!

  1. You were asking for a way to hide your completed tasks, which makes it easier to see the holistic view of what needs to be done. Now you can easily hide your completed tasks by just moving one toggle. In case you want to see them again, move the toggle back.

  2. Give priority to your tasks, and filter out the ones that are of higher priority and work on them.

  3. Table layout redesign which is super consistent, works much faster and smoother, and will make very little noise in your life.

  4. Separate section for Gantt Chart so you find it easily.

  5. You don’t have to scroll down the whole page to see pinned items anymore. Pinned items will appear right at the beginning of the table.


We hope your experience with will be exceptional and easy.

You can always drop us a line in our live chat and get immediate correspondence.

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